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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 19, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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trump, 85% say no and 15% so yes. see you again monday night. go to my facebook page and like it. good night from washington. welcome to red eye. hello everyone. let's check in with tv's andy levi to see what stories we're going to be discussing this evening. >> we'll show you a man on a mission to mow down trump signs with his jeep. plus a new survey says young people prefer the internet to the sunlight. dom knows makes a robot that delivers its pizzas. back to you the king of children of pride. thanks. let's welcome our guests. she's a former miss new york and
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if she leaves new york will miss her. he ms. other people's lives while his is in shambles. patrick millsaps. she's good with tools, specifically hammers, jessica tarlove and he has the voice of an angle if it was being choked by the devil. sitting next to me co immediaton kurt metzger. let's start the show. the attacks have gotten sharper an more personal. candidates are invoking jim carrie movery characters. donald trump sent this message asking his followers who should star in a reboot of liar, liar. hillary clinton or ted cruz.
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let me know. let him know. he needs the answer. hours later ted cruz responded, it says me, myself and don. a reference to the pet detective. cruz tweeted don't take a chance on this new release coming to ballot boxes in november 2016. john kasich had to join in on the fun tweeting this photo shopped movie poster. wow. i don't think you got the point -- i think you should have used other heads. anyway. patrick, are these attacks going too far. what think you? >> i think the people are missing the real story here. you have ever seen two people break up on facebook and they start revealing each other's secrets and things.
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i think the bromance between trump and cruz went further than we knew and they're breaking up. this has everything to do with a -- think about it. i'm just throwing it out there. >> it was. when it went sour, did it ever, right? >> yeah. i mean cruz loved these kind of ads though. i'm surprised he didn't do it first. his was in response to trump's. i of course after seeing these two went to look on the other films to see what other funny puns i could do. i couldn't find any. then i went on to tom hanks. instead of big there will be huge staring donald trump and instead of you've got mail, ted cruz will star in you've got male pattern baldness. >> jessica tarlove, thanks for coming back on our show. >> you're so welcome.
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she refused come on. >> all it's in jest isn't it. >> i'm not a communist. >> you're not an old school communist. what think you of these attacks. are they too juvenile? >> with e are two weeks after oe hands on stage. you're right. ted cruz has been doing this for a while. remember his kids reading bedtime stories about hillary and obama. i couldn't think not because i want ted cruz to win anything, but marco rubio arguably lost this because he stooped to donald trump's level. i wonder if no one else engages him at this level is maybe
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someone who backs him, just one person might turn on him. i'm looking for one trumper to leave. >> i don't know if it happens. they're very loyal, aren't they? >> they're not going to leave. the harder people come at him, the more loyal they're going to get to him. >> if i can give some advice to mitt romney and the so-called establishment they should stop piling on trump because it's making people like him. >> i think it's appropriate that you used jim carrie movies because ted cruz has the head of the bad guy from the mask when he put on the mask. and then i liked the poster he made of trump is almost positive because it indicates trump's not a god awful conservative to the level ted cruz is. >> that's what trump is trying do now. he's trying to go down the middle and win the elites on both coasts and i think he's
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going to be successful. >> all my elite friends are running out for trump. >> he's pulling democrats. >> i don't think he's going to hold. i know it has and we had the 20,000 in massachusetts who were not enrolled, i get it, but i don't get it. i was looking at the income breakdown of who is voting for him, 40,000 and below and 100,000 and below. he's getting the polls there. >> he's getting the richies and the low income. >> he's missing the middle. >> they're next. >> the labor unions are worried about his influence on them. >> they love him. >> the more they come after trump i think they miss the demographics. a few weeks ago a super pac did all the times he cuffed in public and 80% of america says that sounds like my daddy. >> it makes him seem like a relative. donald trump may be losing a key
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voting block, vegan americans. they are selling do nuts depicting trump getting punched in the face. i believe we have a tape of a customer driving to pick up a doz dozen. okay. that was actual a 20-year-old north carolina man who had a caption that said i love having a jeep sometimes. police saw the video and charged him with reckless driving and not wanting to make america great again. he put the video online. >> he's proud of it. you know how they say we create terrorists with our words of choice, they do. they create trump supporters. they don't want to keep him from being able to talk or do anything, people go to the trump
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side because they're sick of it. >> they keep talking about trump and the dangerous rioters, but isn't it the anti-trump people who have been more aggressive? >> first of all, this guy is from the south and i'm embarrassed by this guy because if you are not going to blow something up or chain saw, you're really not doing anything. so him running over one sign is very weak. i think the more violent people have been consistently the trump people so i don't know what message they're -- >> are you forgetting the sucker punching last week. >> okay. one guy. that guy. we know him because we've seen him all over the news, but i'm telling you america's left wing pickup trucks are driving over people's lawns. >> no. >> jessica, all the -- >> which is a problem.
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>> they've got to buy supplies for their victory garden, don't they? these protests against trump they were happening before chicago. they were showing up at every one of these rallies. trump wasn't saying i want to punch people in the face, he said i want to punch those people in the face. >> he has to be specifics. i want to talk about donuts for a second. i don't like when there's too much frosting. i want more cake. so in that donut you just know -- do you eat the top part? >> i'm with you on that and i never liked frosting on the cake. there's too much frosting on cakes. and the big flowers, i don't like the flower. they were once revered and now they must be removed. at campuses across the country
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centuries old names on buildings and streets are under attack because they're linked to oppressi oppression. stanford students have a problem with dorms and halls that are named after an 18th century mission who exploited native americans. and berkley they want to change the name of a hall named after a person who referred to the people of the philippines as little savages. it houses the ethnic studies department. that's awkward, right? the school heard the students' demands and went further. >> only kidding. they didn't implode the building, although they should have, right.
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they will undergo a comprehensive assessment of all of the building names with the goal of establishing principals for further names. kurt, i think you don't have any problem with wiping names off campus buildings, do you? >> i don't love them all in a group. it depends on the guy. >> wait a minute. the thing is he's history. why wipe out history. why not look at the building and sit down and have lunch and talk about what a jerk he was. >> the kol nal guy, leave it. here here now. if you have a magic wand and you want to make america disappear and you want to go back to how it was, which i'm not going sto do. the little savages guy, that's how they talked about then. >> he liked them. he said come on. >> it's on a case-by-case basis.
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the confederate flag i don't see why that's up anywhere. >> you can hang it -- i don't want them to erase it. the idea -- >> don't have it up like you're proud of that history. you shouldn't be proud. >> in the south, they're trying to remove references to the con fed rasy from their songs. they're in songs. that was the battle cry. >> i think we have to look at the past and then use it to improve on the future. >> that's wonderful. >> i've been so conservative tonight. what i would say, the one that really -- this isn't about berkley, but the whole about getting wilson's name off the public policy school at princeton -- >> i thought right wingers hated him. >> i don't think it's a uniform -- >> i think you're supposed to hate him. >> should they have taken down the stalin statute?
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>> i think fell in a different manor. this was having a safe space discussion about how would wilson's legacy make you feel is different than down stalin. >> you love sitting around and having safe discussions. >> i think these kids are not going far enough. i think we should start at the top. the white house, white guilt, need to change that. washington mon meant. go south of there -- can't do south. so seriously do more. go big or go home. >> i don't think you're staring at the right camera, but that's okay. what should they do? >> nothing. >> nothing. >> unless you want your tuition money to go up even more because
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it's expensive to remove engraved names from buildings like put up new steel plaques or whatever you're doing to change all the brochures. all of that costs a ton of money and that money has to come from somewhere and that's your tuition. so yeah keep fighting kids. >> that's where that kind of stuff should happen. >> exactly. let them protest. let's do this story. i got something to say. i think i pulled that off. straight out of comp taufton hu thanks to an unusual marketing strategy. they teemed up with facebook to create custom trailers for white audiences and black audiences. the trailer for black people focussed on compton, but for white people the trailer looked
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different. >> i don't know anything about hip-hop. >> yeah. the white came out. >> i'm kidding obviously. the white trailer focussed on the rise of ice cube and dr. dre. i guess the microtargeters know what they're doing. here is the trailer that appeared on my facebook page. >> people are perfect. >> you used your home videos that you made. >> you know what, i didn't go to see the movie, but i considered it. i considered it. >> do these work like these targeted -- do they have the data on how well that works? >> i think they do it and then they sold well -- the tickets did well and it wasn't just a
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black film. it had a lot of crossover. >> if i wanted to see an -- if i saw the black ad i might still go. >> you glorfy black culture. >> i know. >> jessica, i think this is obviously the wave of the future. all ads are going to be micro targeted in the future. >> we see it in politics too you have campaign ads when they're translated into spanish sometimes they have different messages like donald trump won't really build that wall, but i think it is the wave of the future. straight of compton did do well, but it didn't do well at the oscars. >> we proved it's racist. did you see this movie straight out of compton. >> i did not. >> because she's white. >> maybe the right marketing
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could have pulled you in. >> facebook is on top of their farkting. you look at a site for engagement rings one time just curious and then you're inundated for ads with engagement rings. but this shows that in film it's not about art anymore. it's about selling tickets and good for them for figuring out a way to get more people to see the film, but i'm sure film makers are like you should want to see my film regardless. >> yeah. so you're probably a big wna fan, right? >> sure. aren't we all? in my careers because i can't keep a job because i've practiced law and i've been in politics and i'm in show business. it's the most honest because it says bs on the door. at the end of the day it got people to see the film and with so much con at the present time out there you've got to break through and so this is -- look.
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>> you're in the film business. >> i'm going to do microtargeting because we're selling movies and there's a lot of choices to see. i did see this movie. >> but to your point how does facebook know i'm fat because all i get is big and tall ads. >> you need to cover up your camera. >> i agree with that. the one time i did that. >> you did the huskey department online. >> i'm the smallest size in the big and tall store. >> that's a big deal. >> i need the skinny section. >> coming up, what the young people need to survive.
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this is a fox news alert. protesters clogging the streets outside a donald trump rally in salt lake city, utah last night. among the anti-trump crowd were supporters of the gop front-runner. things stayed mostly calm between the two sides, but there were some isolated scuffles. demonstrators didn't get the best of the trump rally this time. his rally did go on as planned despite the one that happened last fright. earlier this month protesters in chicago forced donald to call off that speech. another story breaking friday night, a passenger jet crashing in an airport in southern russia. it went down while landing. all 62 people on board were killed. what caused the plane to go down remains a mystery.
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strong winds and rain may have played a role. the airline that owns the jet says it's investigating the incident. we'll bring you more details as we learn them. abdeslam, the prime suspect in last year's paris terrorist attacks was arrested in belgium. among those detains are three family members said to have been sheltering the fugitive. he was on the run for four months before his capture. he's considered to be the brains behind the paris bombs and shootings that killed 130 people and injured others. a florida grand jury awarding hulk hogan $115 million. he argued the 2012 post was an invasion of his privacy. he says he will appeal the verdict claiming key evidence was not never introduced in court. now back to red eye for all of your headlines.
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you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news. young adults in great britain were asked to name things that were most important to their quality of life. let's play the feud shall we. kurt what would you say that's something in your life that you couldn't live without? >> i do have a living will with a strict do not resuscitate in case of penis ka tastfy. >> i get it. >> you're done now. >> i get it. >> here's how i came to it, there's this fish that swims up your penis and i'm like if that happens don't help me. >> something tells me that didn't make this list. let's see what the survey said. freedom of speech, from our friends across the pond. they value what we call the first amendment. i don't know what they call it. and daylight, good stallone
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film. hot water, very important of course and way down on the list the welfare state and a good night's sleep. >> that's real. >> yes, that's real. but perhaps not surprising near the top just after free speech more important than daylight and hot water was anybody -- anyone want to take a guess. >> we all know. >> internet access, of course. who needs sunlight, food or showers when we can sit and watch this. >> it's cold. >> oh. >> oh my gosh. >> i did not see that coming. >> wow! >> that was really awful. >> we love the internet, don't we. >> i need to watch it again. >> he was okay. he laughed. so kurt. >> yeah. >> i don't know if i want to hear about that fish swimming. >> you don't. >> the sun can't help you find a girlfriend like the internet can
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so maybe they're right. >> when they're living under water that's going to come in handy. >> i think -- do you think that the categories would be the same in this country like they were in england. >> what kid is saying the welfare state here? i guess bernie supporters, but it's a strange thing to have on the list. i can't live without nice roads. >> i feel like that. >> i thought england was more dependent on the welfare system in it's a weird thing to articulate especially to say it that way. i feel strongly about the welfare state. >> i feel like it was an option provided to those young kids like i'm totally a humanitarian. >> i think we're missing the point that that was sunlight and hot water. internet access -- but clearly the demo graphic here is kids playing video games in their
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parents basement who don't bathe so they don't miss sunlight. >> it's what is more important to their daily lives. i think hot water for granted. they don't think about it, but they know they can't live without their devices. >> i tell them all the time that his film was not just a comedy, it was actually a documentary from the future because that's where we're going and that's what this proves. >> is that bad? >> i will defend this study slightly because they didn't say what they're using the internet for and most people at their jobs need to use the internet for something, it's very important for your livelihood. >> think about it, if you were locked in a cell would you rather have a window or internet. >> you can look at sunlight on the internet. i'm not a little bit surprised
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by that. >> i'm old enough that i remember when there wasn't internet and suddenly we had. >> i can't even remember how i lived without it, but i know i did but i can't fathom no sunlight. >> when i lived in england i was paler than i am now. coming up halftime with tv's andy levi, get ready america. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes
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and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and missed from andy levy. >> it's a friday. >> it is a friday. trump and cruz make movie posters. you said cruz loves these kinds of things and you're surprised he didn't do it first. i agree with that. i would have expected him to do it and done some lame impercent nation. >> we'll get it soon. >> jessica, you claim not to be a communist. i have a list.
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>> of all the times i shared my food with you and this is going to come back to haunt me. >> are you not now or have you ever been? >> no, not ever. i'm one of the more selfish people i know actually. >> good for you. jessica you said rubio lost because he stooped to trump's level. >> i should add also that he sucks. >> i was going to say -- >> he needs a haircut. >> leave his hair alone. i was going to say it's not like he was setting the world on fire. >> no, but i think that was a turning point because i think he had at least the professionism about him. >> i think the turning point is when he repeated something three times in a row. >> and it wasn't that good. >> why is trump the worst of all. of the republicans he's the best. you want cruz over donald trump. >> you're just saying --
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>> i don't understand being against trump when these people are so much worse. >> he's awful. >> he's saying stuff. cruz is going to do that stuff. cruz is like the kid when you're in middle school who is a republican for some reason and you're like we're 13. cruz is your enemy. >> so you know tom was that kid. >> tom is one of my top five dream dad. >> patrick you compared the cruz and trump thing to a couple of breaking up in public like on facebook, which i think that makes sense. but what's more interesting is watching people like rubio and cruz sort of almost become like bffs again or more of a couple. it's like they had a really public ugly breakup on facebook and all their friends chose a
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side and now they're kind of getting back together a little bit. >> you never want to be the rebound guy. >> the weirdest thing to me the character that i think donald trump is closest too is the one from the movie vaccines cause autism. >> that's awful. that is awful. >> it's not awful. they both said vaccines cause auti autism. >> was that the theater movie. >> it was limited release. >> it was the white version. >> the guy runs over the trump signs. you said these people don't understand they're creating trump supporters. >> yes. >> i think that's completely true. >> why don't you get out and vote against him or do something positive as opposed -- why am i supposed to be upset he's going
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to suspend muslim immigration like we're going to have a -- >> there's such a nonsense that the real concerns people have about it get brushed aside under islamaphobia. people like that because they feel like they're not being taken seriously. >> that's equally dump. >> why wouldn't you suspend it to figure it out? are other countries doing that? >> no, they're not. >> you see the issues other countries are having. we can't take a million without vetting all of them. >> they're having like a little chuckle i think. >> germany maybe shouldn't be laughing. >> you are nuts not to like frosting. >> i like a little bit.
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>> what about the do until dutiwith the filling in them. >> no. >> or sour cream donut. >> you know that ted cruz uses the the sugar on his hair? >> it's a fun southern fact. >> breaking news all night long. >> you see berkley struggles with names. right and left wingers have issues with wilson, but i believe right wingers hated him first. >> yeah. >> you said the money for new plaques has to come from somewhere and it would raise tuition. possibly, although it's a state school so it's the taxpayers. >> i went to a private school.
12:38 am
i assumed that -- >> straight out of compton had different trailers for different races. kurt you asked if they had the data on whether these things worked. i don't think they do for this specific film, i think they know targeted advertising works better. i don't think they have specific data on this. >> i know people don't like targeted advertising but maybe it's better. >> when it's targeted in the right way you love it. >> people don't think they like it because it shows that the company's know stuff about you, but ultimately yeah you're better off seeing ads for stuff you want. >> you said this proves that film isn't about art, it's about getting people in the theaters. >> yeah. >> why does this prove that? >> because they were possibly sacrificing the real point of the story in order to lure
12:39 am
people in. for example sex in the city, rebranding it is not a rom come so that the boyfriends will be happy to go. no, you're going to hate it. >> this is just marketing. marketing has always been about getting people in theater. >> i didn't study marketing so i didn't know that. >> not at your private school. >> not at my private school. >> tom you said you don't like going to the theater anymore, you watch movies at home. >> yeah. >> would you like to borrow my compton blue ray. >> i'll put it on vhs. young people would rather have internet connection than daylight. you will happy to know that the story of the fish is a myth. >> it's not. i thought it was a myth.
12:40 am
i knew information there's an actual case. >> really. >> yeah. it was thought a myth for a long time because i don't blame people, but there's a recent case. >> it was on gray's anotmy. >> i am done. >> thank you. time to take a break. pizza delivering robots when we come back.
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oi. this is a fox news alert. two big stories we are following this morning. protesters trying to disrupt a donald trump rally in salt lake city. this was a scene outside his rally last night. run hundreds of demonstrators showing up. donald trump gave a speech inside the arena without any interruptions. it comes a week after protesters forced him to cancel a rally in chicago. in russia passengers are dead when their plane came crashing down. this is video believed to be of the crash. the airlines was arriving when it went down. there was light rain and strong winds in the area at the time. the plane had been circling
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nearly two hours before coming in to land. the u.n. condemning two missile launches by north korea. they flew 500 miles before crashing into the sea. this comes two weeks after the security council imposed the toughest sanctions. it's a clear violation of resolutions. gawker will appeal an ward to hogan for $115 million. they posted him a video of him having sex with his best friend's wife. singer and song writer prince is writing new. he has been made an offer he can't refuse by a publisher to tell his story. the book is due out in the fall of 2017. now back to red eye for all your headlines log on to fox
12:46 am you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. the world's biggest tech company creates products that make our lives better, apple, google, microsoft, domen knows. they began in 2015 with a microchip and an idea. what if we transformed the way we deliver pizza. >> they have developed a pizza delivering robot and it will debut soon. let's hear more about it. >> using a unit sourced from the military and powered by technology, we improvised and explored and we discovered that this idea could actually become a reality. >> all right. that's enough back story. let's see it in action. >> at the same time we engaged
12:47 am
the country's leading industrial design firm to design the look, feel and functionality. >> i love the build up. can we please see it in action? nice. >> so it's just worse and slower than a human. >> it's amazing. meanwhile bennigan's has introduced new technology. they're going to have to perfect that. jessica, this was -- happen not guilty new zealand.
12:48 am
it was made in australia. would you trust these robots in this country. >> this is evidence that we probably don't need a $15 million minimum wage because we'll have robots around because of it. >> they're going to be taking all the jobs. >> all the jobs. >> but they're going to do it better. they had a rerefrigerator that had a soda in it. >> you're under estimating the value of cursing at a human when things go wrong. it's very frustrating. >> do you remember that guy who talked like a robot who was answering all those calls like the new york city employee? >> he was clever. >> he was clever. >> sometimes you want a person. with uber you can't complain to the driver. >> i feel like this is the event that starts the chain of events that creates the terminator.
12:49 am
this is absolutely the -- >> he's nice. >> he's nice now. >> this is the first time i've been on red eye with you and every time i come on this show i learn something new. i did not know that pizza delivery systems was such a huge criminal cases crisis. i feel like my eyes have been opened to real world problems. >> it's going to be robots and drones. they have to get the pizzas out there. the cars are clogging the streets. >> god forbid when that robot learns about war. humans are bad. >> would you trust a robot? in >> this is the opposite of judgment day. this robot will not judge me for the amount that i order by
12:50 am
myself. i shamed this video because the two people who came out, if you are having pizza delivered you are in your sweats. >> she was in a nice dress. they walked out holding hands. >> i think it's a great development and i think we're going to be ordering pizza from robots in future. we're going to close things out with a robot bedtime story.
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remember boston dynamics, they brought you robot dogs for people who like to kick their pets? google bought the robot in -- google's putting the company up for sale after concluding it is unlikely to produce any marketable robots in the next few years. maybe because all the models have battered wife syndrome. google is going to find a buyer for this company. i guess they'll have to take out ads in the newspaper.
12:55 am
in any case i hope the company who buys this treats them with more respect. >> i left my keys in my car. my feet are freezing me. i need some boots. you think you're so tough. here we go. my knees are killing me. all right i'm done playing. i'm out of here. i don't care what google sells us for. i'm going to starbucks. i'm going to get a latte. forget it, starbucks sucks. i'm going to dunkies. >> should it be illegal to kick your robot even if you own it. but i think we know why the internet is more valuable than daylight. it should be illegal to kick anything half alive. >> they're trying to make them bigger and stronger. >> i've seen movies like this,
12:56 am
but half alive is a decent rule. >> this is a case of stupid smart people because they're selling it because they can't find marketability. if you make a robot that knows how to get a beer out of the fridge, you're going to make a million dollars. >> i thought that google was looking way into the future, but they said that they're not going to be make any money off of it for at least a couple of years so they're letting it go. >> why don't you make something you can make money off of it. >> put a vagina on it. >> is that what you were going for? >> that's what i was going to say. drones are super hot right now. why not create a drone that when it lands gets feet and can walk
12:57 am
away with a vagina because apparently we're not moving on past that. >> it is hard to move on beyond that idea. >> i just increased marketability by 200%. >> thanks everyone. that does it for me, tom shillue, see you next time.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. four months after the terrorist massacre that left 1 three people dead in paris, one of the key suspects has been captured. alive. it comes as concerns mount about wrners joining westerners. either in body or spirit to bring the terror back home. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with an american who says joining isis was a mistake. with the help of the intelligence community was able to bring down the terrorist suspect. we begin with bench nine hall in london and the reaction to today. >> the


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